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Here you will find informations on the location of the office in Nice, but also on my practice & experience. As a psychologist, I work with children, teenagers, adults and couples in my office.

My practice,

As a Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist, I work with children, teenagers, adults and couples in my office in the center of Nice.

My experience,

Mathieu Auriol - Psychologist & Psychotherapist in Nice

I started my practice in adult psychiatry and child psychiatry in Paris. After earning experience on how to help people with heavy pathologies cope with what they were going through, I started to work in my office.

As a psychologist, I help adults, children, teenagers and couples to overcome difficulties in life.

I also currently work in an EHPAD, ensuring that the people living there can live as fulfill life. Finally, I teach at the European Institute of Applied Psychology (IEPA) to share my vision of therapeutic support and the ethical approach of psychotherapy as a psychologist.

To contact me,

You can either use :

  • The phone : +336.
  • Or email :

To get to the office in Nice,

The office’s address is :

103 boulevard Gambetta,

06000 Nice.

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You can access by :

  • Car,
  • The tramway : Ligne 1 (Gare SNCF Thiers) & Ligne 2 (Alsace-Lorraine)
  • By train : Gare de Nice-Ville Thiers,
  • By the bus : Ligne 4, 7, 23 (Arrêt Vernier-Gambetta)

For more information,

Feel free to contact me or check the other pages of the website such as : why therapy, which therapist, the setting of therapy, about me, etc.

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